it’s friday i’m in love

Hey, it’s Friday again already! I had so much fun coming up with cool internet stuff to show you guys last week, I think I’m gonna make this a regular Friday feature. And this week, I’m starting it off with magical nordic elves.


image via El & Em

1) OMG how lovable is Iceland. They recently halted work on an Icelandic highway because people were worried it was going to disturb the habitat of the Huldufolk, human-sized invisible elves that 50% of Icelanders believe are real. I’m serious.

2) I’m really into Yael Naim this week. She’s a French-Israeli singer/songwriter who had that great song “New Soul” in the Macbook Air commercial a few years ago. Right now I’m digging “Go to the River.” The video is kind of weird but the song is beautiful.

3) I loved this Modern Parents Messy Kids post on “The Summer of Yes.” Doesn’t that sound like an awesome mantra for summertime? Here is just a snippet of Steph’s wisdom, but you should really click over and read the whole thing yourself.

  • I will remember that just as giving my children boundaries and reasonable, age-appropriate expectations is not going to break their spirit, letting a few things slide in the name of being a preschooler is also not going to create self-centered and co-dependent adults.
  • I will remember that my friends have dirty houses just like mine – they’ll barely even notice it, let alone judge me for it.
  • I will remember how special I can make my child feel simply by stopping in the middle of what I’m doing, making eye-contact and listening for 3 minutes.
  • I will remember that a little silly goes a long way.

4) Check out these adorable summer-themed building blocks by Fidoodle:

Fidoodle makes all kinds of lovely hand-printed wooden stuff. I’m also rather fond of their suburban-themed blocks. Who knew ranch houses and station wagons could be so cute?

5) CHAMOMILE CUPCAKES. So sweet. My pint-sized little old ladies will love these. 

6) My friend Michelle, the brains behind the thoughtful motherhood essay-blog Juicebox Confession, is hosting an awesome, Waldorfy giveaway of kid and baby stuff.

Click over to her blog and fill out the entry form to win some sweet, wholesome swag for the little one in your life, including wool felt play food by Bubba Pickle’s Market, fairy wings from Fantasy Kids Wear, and beautiful carved wooden toys from The Enchanted Root.

7) Finally, I’ll just leave you with this to usher in your weekend.

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “it’s friday i’m in love

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! After watching the ending video with Dallas and realizing that he’d never heard the Jagger/Bowie version, we watched the music-ful video. What fun! Those blocks are so cool too. I have another idea for you, from my own childhood and what I passed onto Dallas. When I was a kid, we spent a few years in Southern Illinois, and we had an area of our 2 acres that didn’t grow grass or even weeds during the summer. So every spring, after my Step-Dad would have our road re-gravelled, my maternal half-sister and I would go out with a basket and pick out neat rocks to use as different types of buildings (houses, barns, skyscrapers, shopping centers, museums, etc.), and cars and trucks and such. We’d take them over to the dirt area and build towns and cities and roads to connect them, all using these rocks. Half the fun was just the hunt for just the right rocks and then in designing all the cities/towns and their streets, digging in the dirt to create hills and valleys for the roads. One year we even went wandering through our woods to search for moss to pretend that it was cropland for the farms. I think your little ones would have fun doing this since they are so creative and love doing things for their wonderful fairy friends. ❤ 🙂

  2. Omg Robin I love those musicless music videos!! So funny. I STILL haven’t been to the eshqua bog even though I think it was my pick for a playgroup activity some 3 odd years ago, ha. It looks amazing! Will have to make it a plan ahead for next summer. ❤

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