it’s friday i’m in love

Just a quick post to share some things I’m in love with around the ol’ internet this week:

1) All Girl Summer Fun Band. 

I think I’m gonna officially make these gals the soundtrack of my summer. I first heard this song on a college station back in Chicago lo these many years ago back in aught two. Good times.

2) Dandelion clocks.

I never knew the word for the second stage of dandelion flowers, when they turn into the white puffs that you wish on and blow away. But apparently they’re called clocks, and you can preserve them with hairspray, glitter, and a twig. Who knew??

3) County fair-style lemonade.

My mouth is watering just watching this video. Cannot WAIT to make some of this!

4) Gregorian Wind Chimes.

I’m a total windchimer. Send me into any store selling windchimes and I will be sure to swipe them all. I just love listening to all the different tones! It’s part of what lured my husband in on our first meeting. I chimed all 84 thousand of the different wind chimes for sale in the gift shop of the tiki bar we were at, and he turned red and apologized to the store manager. I would like to blame it on the flaming bowl of tropical booze we had just consumed but truthfully I would probably have done the same stone cold sober. Anyhow, I am so in love with the ethereal tones of this alto gregorian chime I found at our local Agway. Go to the link and hear it for yourself. It’s magical.

5. Patterned Paint Roller

Is this genius or what?? All the charm of a monochrome woodland wallpaper pattern, and none of the commitment! If we ever get around to repairing the crack-dennish walls in our children’s bedroom, I am getting one of these for sure.

6. Custom Superhero Stuffies.

After years of loudly proclaiming his disinterest in superheroes, my five year old has finally begun to have a kernel of interest. As he goes, so goes his sister, and they have now become the superduo of Animaleon (who has the superpower to transform into any animal, living or extinct) and Fleaella (able to jump 50 times her own height). I bet they would be ultra cute superdollies.

7. Lullatone Raindrop Melody Maker Game

Lullatone is a Japanese band that I just adore. They classify their style as “pajama pop.” Actually their whole Summer Songs album could be a contender for my summer soundtrack too, with song titles like “Grocery Shopping for a BBQ,” “Secretly Loving the Smell of Suntan Oil,” and “Driving Home with a Towel on the Seat.” But they also have some apps and games and stuff, and I could entertain myself (not to mention the littles) for hours with this little music composition gizmo. Love.

Happy Friday night everybody!


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