embracing entropy

At the cold, blustery end of last fall we dumped the scrabbly remnants of our once-pristine, fancy, silica-free, child-safe sand out of the sand/water table and stored it away it for the winter. I was pretty sure I was going to just get some new sand to restock it in the spring but it’s June and I don’t seem to have gotten around to it… I’ll just add it to the list of things that I meant to do but the longer I don’t do it the less the likelihood it will ever actually happen. Like organizing my basement or going to graduate school.

However, I’ve found that life with a disorganized basement and measly Bachelor’s degree is still pretty livable, so perhaps life with a sandless sand-table will work out OK for us too. Early this spring the table was employed as a mud-pie kitchen, and later I threw a bunch of straw leftover from my lawn rehabilitation efforts (sorely needed as you can see in this photo) into the sand-half.

mud sensory table

A couple of weeks ago, when sunny weather finally deigned to bestow itself on Vermont, I decided the time for indoor sensory play was over and banished to the yard a tub of birdseed that had been played in all winter, and eventually scattered over the kitchen floor. I thought that it might attract a bunch of birds to watch, or at least squirrels, but it seems the only ones interested were the children, who apparently poured it into the “sand” table, because I looked in there the other day and found this:


I guess that when I give my children mud, straw, and dirty birdseed as playthings, I shouldn’t be too shocked when they adopt burnt firewood as toys. A few days after the sand table garden discovery, I found my 5-year-old playing ocean with the following creatures:

Sea Hare (a gigantic sea slug)DSC09542s

Angler FishDSC09564s

Hey, it’s more outdoor toys that I don’t have to store in my disorganized basement next winter!


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